• Daily collections & report which will be handed over to the accounts department for checking, verification, and endorsement.
  • Bank-In slips and official receipts will be attached to the daily collection to tally the bank statement.
  • Payments to vendors will be prepared and submitted for cheque signing/online banking to respective approver.


  • Scheduling working hours for maintenance team & technicians to be on 24/7 hours standby.
  • M&E will be attended immediately and to rectify within 24-48 hours from the complaint time.
  • Supervising the day-to-day maintenance and cleaning of the building, including cleaning of public areas, foyers and parking areas.
  • Keeping an eye on potential trouble spots with respect to security problems or vandalism on common areas


  • Monitor & ensure that collection are at average 90% minimum to ensure sufficient funds for payment of utility bills, payment to service providers, contractors including repair and maintenance etc.
  • Ensure that notice are issued to defaulter as required under the SMA ACT 2013 and to take all necessary action to recover the outstanding. After all attempts fail, the last course of action would be to take legal action.
  • Monitor all legal case file and for any court cases to monitor the hearing dates and to attend court on such matters.
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